Today is one of those days that I wish I had worked from home.Work is insane to say the least. I keep saying I will take a day off soon but I know that probably won’ t happen. When you’ve been heel to pavement for longer than you can even recount- sitting still only allows you time to stew over sh*t that still needs to be done. Who’d have ever thought that I would forget how to be lazy? Surely, its the end times. Gone are the comforts of eight hour work days. I arrive at the office when its dark and I head for home when its darker and sometimes still have to log in when I get in the house. New contracts, low headcount and no overtime pay makes for a fairly high stress situation.  Its funny, I left my old job, a major corporation, with “the grass is always greener” mentality. Its surprising that many companies, regardless of size face the same exact issues with high turnover, efficiency, and morale.

When I hit the mega millions, I’m really going to miss this sh*t, for real.


give us free

605471_jamaican_beach_hammock.jpg the older that I get, the more I feel that I’m becoming a slave to the man. most of my waking hours are spent toiling over work related issues. when i look around at the material posessions that i have, it is only now that i see the true price of these treasured items. every dollar that i spend, i can almost tell you exactly what tasks were spent earning that specific dollar. its heartbreaking really. our way of life dictates that we spend most of our waking hours earning our right to be consumers, earning food on the table, and earning a roof over our heads. i am grateful that i am employed, don’t get me wrong. probably even more importantly, i am beyond grateful that i am employable. but on days like this, when i am counting down the hours before i return to the office, i just can’t help but wish that we could afford to balance our personal and professional lives better. personally, i don’t enjoy taking vacations. not because i don’t want to relax and be still and just learn how to appreciate the concept of “free time” all over again. i don’t like to take vacations because every day that i’m not working is two more days of catching up. any vacation over three days is hardly worth it because by the time i am caught up, i am stressed all over again. is there a better way? for many middle class americans, the sad bleak reality is that there isn’t. and as a i take a break from what is starting to look like a long, lonely saturday night staring at spreadsheets, i have to say, i’m none to happy about that.

feels like monday

Blecch. I’m having the most horrible morning ever and its not even 9:00 yet. I have some issues at work that kept me here late yesterday. As I was headed home, I got a call to discuss a still unresolved issue. After getting home and doing my usual:cooking dinner, showering, some light cleaning and a load of dishes and laundry, I just collapsed onto my bed. When my cell phone started ringing at 11:30, I thought I was dreaming. When I picked up and heard my boss’ voice at the other end of the line I thought I had lost my mind. I do remember just sitting there with the phone held to my ear….actually waking up again upon hearing her call my name a few times. I’m not sure what I told her, but I do remember talking. O well. I guess I’ll find out today what we talked about. So I woke up this morning, much earlier than usual and headed in. Though I’m about to start yet another diet, I needed caffeine in the worst way imagineable. Stopped at Starbucks. Why was it hot as hell in August? Even worse, why are people in here smiling and ish like they don’t NOTICE? I stepped up to the register and I was just overcome with the intolerable heat. I felt like I was suffocating and while I admit I do have a a tendency to lean toward the dramatic sometimes…in all seriousness…it was just damn ridiculous how hot it was. Me: ” Hi, can I have a tall white….OMGit-is-so-hot-i-can’t-even-stand-it-how-can-you-breathe-what-is-going-on-is-something-BROKEN-is-there-a-fire….” (see, told you…dramafied). The pretty Ethiopian girl behind the counter just smiled at me: “not its ok”. And i suck for this, but in my mind I’m thinking. “Yea,I’m sure YOU think so”. I took off my coat and completed my order. as luck would have it, they had a young guy behind the counter who looked as though he were like me, near DEATH in that furnace of a coffee shop. “OK, y’all not hot”. As the barista and cashier looked at each other in confusion, I put my hand on his arm and said “Sweetie, please, turn the heat down. Someone is going to pass out soon in here, and trust me when I tell you, you really don’t want it to be me.” When the Ethiopian saw him going toward the heat settings, she glared at me. I’m sure that as soon as I left, she had the heat turned back up soI’ll be sure to keep an eye on the new to see if there are any reports of asphyixiation out in Falls Church. And I’m not exaggerating, it really was THAT BAD. So I left Starbucks and headed in to work. They were playing this on the radio. Don’t you just hate Michael Jackson for losing his damn mind? What a waste.


For the past week and a half, we’ve been hearing that we were in for one hell of a snowstorm this week.  Even up until the late late news last night, forecasters were predicting a horrendous commute as a result of snow and ice storms. I have REALLLY been looking forward to today. I had it all planned out. I’d log in early, around 6 and get all my morning work done. Take a long lunch, maybe a bath and get some laundry done before starting in on the rest of my day. I’d take care of my emails and return phone calls all from the comfort of my apartment in my most favorite pink pjs with the green turtles all over.  I happened to wake up at 4 to go to the bathroom, looked outside, and……NOTHING. I hadn’t wrapped my hair last night and I truly had nothing to wear. I ended up throwing some jeans on, and making my hair do what it did and headed in to work. Of course, we ended up leaving around 2. So I’m at home, trying to get back into my groove, but I think I’m done for the day.

I’m watching the news and they’re saying we’re in for a HORRENDOUS commute tomorrow.

I can’t wait.

on getting dooced

I’m sure all of us have had a day one of those days at work that pissed you off to the highest levels of…pissivity(RIP Robin). I am coming off a two week marathon of feeling that way. How I wish I could talk about it freely here, but ya girl is no damn fool. Have y’all seen the site of chick who would blog on a regla about the goings on at her office without even tryin to mask the ish? Anyhoo, long story short, her bosses caught wind, she got fired and a new term had been coined for the blogging community, ne the world at large. Whenever I am tempted I just remember, its not called the WWW for nothing. Humph. You’ll never catch me!! I had become addicted to another site over the past year. I fell off for a couple weeks just because I was getting so busy. When I came back, lo and behold the site was just gone- erased as though it never existed. I’m not sure how I found it, but I managed to find her email addy to see if she was at least still alive (honestly, ole girl was a bit shady). She responds back to inform me that she had in fact been dooced. Her employer found her site, and since she often casually mentioned her affinity for a well rolled doobie (oops can I say that here), subsequently freaked out and demanded that the site be taken down. I’m wondering if any of these folks have a legal standing on first amendment rights. Well, sure the marijuana doesn’t help and in fact opens its own legal can of worms, but if you omit that tiny little detail…. Is doocing basically the new censorship? Can a boss strongarm you into shutting down something they are not paying for that does not directly implicate their firm or trade secrets or something of that nature.Is it any of their business if it is not affecting your ability to perform on the job?
Seriously, I’m going to need some answers and confirmations before I say word one about my work related stress. Believe that.