The Usual Suspects met together this weekend for yet another memorable event. How do I even know these people?! From onefromphilly and her son demonstrating the Superman dance, to Sissy walking around with a single lit candle in her hand, to Hostess coming in heels and STILL managing to take most of us out- there was just too much going on. Needless to say we all had a BLAST.  We ended up battling with a group of elementary school kids, complete with their own Baby Beyonce. ( HOT MESS). What started out as fun and games got real serious. AKA Killuh’s eyes sort of glazed over and I think she flashbacked to her days at WestPoint- she was in true stealth mode. I was actually a little frightened. The kids got the best of us, unfortunately and all I could do to get them back was wait until they fell down or something so I could come and get as many cheap shots in as possible. I tried several times to get sympathy from my would be assailants by telling them that I had already been hit and they couldn’t hit me again. One cute little girl with pigtails and sparkly eyes just eyed me up and down, said “un hunh” and waited for my pack to reset itself. Then the little heffa said “I can shoot you now though” sniped me, and then ran off. I do intend to go back and find her so that I can settle the score. Trust.

I didn’t make it out the the dinner after as I needed to be at home to watch my Giants play. Words fail me right now, but to say that I’m excited would be one of the greatest understatements of our time. Giants are going to the Superbowl baby! What?!