hate her…..

jlo1.jpgluv her style. The only thing bad I’ve ever seen on her is that corpse that she wears on her arm from time to time. Bad taste in men, but this beetch’s style is on POINT! Don’t believe me? Note her body language and over all fierceness in the pic above. Then look at this mess that follows. See her face? Even she knows he is a hot mess. And what’s up with those dark shoes with that shiny suit.  No, fool. Just no.




anna.jpgnot talking about her was a conscious effort. what could I say that hasn’t been said over and over for the past couple weeks? what a mess?! if nothing else,her life is a tragic reminder of how important it is to make sure you are surrounded by people who truly love you. It is so important to have people who not only know where you come from, but who appreciate where you’re trying to go, and who won’t allow anyone to defer your dreams, not even yourself. eventually, when all this nonsense surrounding her death and the paternity of her daughter is finally established ( please God don’t let it be him), she will be able to rest in peace. Peace. something that seemed to elude her throughout her rather tragic and pathetic life.