all i know… playing tourist in your own backyard, a good bottle of wine, good food and even better company makes for the BEST.DATE.NIGHT.EVER.



get a life already

i’m always complaining about being so bored by living in this area. There is never anything to do.  Yet, I never get off my azz and just DO things. I feel like I’m just watching my life pass by.I really think a lot of my issues are stemming from me just not having much of a life. Hell, I’m 32 and according to the new math, that makes me REALLY around 22 so why am I just sitting around in the house all the time? I’m always scrolling around THIS site and promising myself that I will just sign up for something and do it.  Chances are, I’d have to go alone to the events, but thats not the problem: I’m not uncomfortable about attending events like these by myself. I think I’m just really lazy. Having to drive into town, find parking, blah blah blah. See? I have serious issues. Right now I’m really starting to get that whole “missing out” feeling though, and one thing I’ve learned is that you just don’t get a second chance to LIVE. I think I’m going to look around and find somethings to get involved with. Because right now, I’m acting like 32 is the new 42 and that is not a good look for me.