i don’t care what anyone says….

i LOVE this guy. he looks like he’s having a lot of fun! ( prolly alcohol induced but who am i to judge! 🙂 )


chrisette michele

I am a fan of old music. My Pandora stations has artists like Nina Simone, Billie Holiday, Nancy Wilson, and Lena Horne and this is the music I generally listen to during the day at work. I have added a new favorite station to this list. I love this girl’s voice! It took me a minute to catch on but her voice has that same flava of the old school divas that I could listen to all day long. I have to remember to download this album the second I get home.


nothing new under the sun

i never asked my mother what she thought of tina back in the day. before they really knew of her abuse, and her story, i wonder what the women of her day thought of her. did they look at her with sideways glances? did they think she went too far?did they just see her as someone who used her body just as much as her voice to get ahead in the music game? did they hate on her? you know. the way some of us do when we watch Beyonce.

if Bey had Tina to look up to and try to emulate, what is the little girl who is looking up to Bey right this moment going to contribute to the music world. i worry about that a little. i worry about the day coming when some artist will come along, teaching us how to shake some body part we never thought could MOVE let alone shake, and make us think that Beyonce was tame in comparison.
isn’t that just a little scary?

so is hip hop dead or what?


I have to give you the whole first verse for you to understand.

This is why I’m hot
I dont gotta rap
I can sell a mill sayin nothin on da track
I represent New York
I got it on ma back
And dey say dat we lost it
So I’ma bring it back
I luv da Dirty, Dirty
Cuz niggaz show me luv
The ladies start to bounce
As soon as I hit da club
But in da Midwest
Dey luv to take it slow
So when I hit da H
I watch you get it on da floor
And if you needed it hyphy
I take it to da Bay
Frisco to Sac-town
Dey do it eryday
Coppin a Hollywood
As soon as I hit L.A.
I’m in dat Low, Low
I do it da Cali way
And when I hit Chi
People say dat I’m fly
Dey like da way I dress dey like
(Dey like my) my attire move crowds from side to side
Dey ask me how I do it and simply i repy…

Do you want to read it again, while I wait? Because I can..its SO not a problem. I just need you to understand what I am trying to say. I know I won’t be coherent and I know that I won’t be able to write it the way that I’m thinking it for fear of scaring some folks away. Just, bear with me. Please. I need you to understand.

The other day, Monica talked about R Kelly on her site. She asked her readers for their opinions on him. The comments ran the gamut from, he’s a pervert and I’d never support him ( and shame on you if you do), to he’s a pervert, but he’s bad as ish ( my category). Someone pointed out that more or less, he represents what has happened to R&B. Standing next to the great ones such as Donny, Luther, Marvin..he would not be considered a musical genius in this person’s opinion. I think she’s 100% right. What she’s overlooking though, is that in today’s musical climate, musical genius is not required. All you need is a hot track, a catchy hook, and you have a sure shake your asser thats sure to get radio play and sure to raise the roof in the clubs.

Times have sho nuff changed.

Now I’m going to throw a curve ball here, because as sad as I think the state of hip hop and R&B is these days, I am GUILTY of perpetuating these trends because as MINDLESS as the lyrics to ‘This is why I’m hot” are, you better believe that I’m shaking it as soon as I hear it on the radio. I almost feel brainwashed and I need to know who I can speak to so I can protest. Vehemently.

The advent of the IPOD makes so much sense in light of the devolution of hip hop. Do you know who even sings “This is why I’m hot”. Do you  think he’ll have longevity? Now, when you hear something catchy on the radio, you can download the song for 99 cents and save yourself the embarassment of going to Circuit City asking if they “got that new Mims”, only to go home and realize, that though he can sell a mil without saying “nuttin on the track”, he surely can’t convince you to LISTEN to that crap. No, when someone like Mims can make a HOT song, it solidifies my argument that there are no more great rappers, there are only great producers. Producers who can command hundreds of thousands of dollars for a track and who can decide WHAT your sound will be. Producers have reduced rappers to nothing more than ad men. All they have to do is come up with a slogan to sell their product (their own black azzes), make the rest filler, and baby, you bout to be a bona fide STAR. Its not much better on the R&B side. The fact that we’ve even HEARD of Cassie speaks volumes to the depths to which we’ve been lowered. I mean seriously. Me & U? It was on the radio all day EVERYDAY. WHY? The ish was catchy as hell. That’s all it takes. *Lil Wayne is all over the radio and while I loved him on R. Thicke’s Shooter…I mean, do you even know what he says half the time? And the other half, does it make sense anyway? Is this what we’ve become!?!*

To quote Nas:
“Everybody sound the same, commercialize the game “.

I used to take comfort in the fact that I don’t actually PAY for the crap passing as “music” nowadays.
Somehow, I don’t think thats enough anymore.

late as usual

if anyone else is always late when it comes to new trends and never seem to be “in the know” as I often find myself, you might like this. i found out about this several months ago. it is the sole reason I have not lost my damn mind in the workplace.when the pressure starts to build, i just turn up the volume and drift away. it keeps me sane, y’all. check it out.