loungesofacollectionfc07.jpgi feel pretty uninspired. since my move, i’ve been trying to come up with a look for my new place. initially, i had planned to get new living room furniture and new dining room furniture. i lucked out with kids furniture what with pier one kids going out of business. (twin sized beds for $39 a piece!). My old bedroom furniture will do as well for now. But I REALLY want to make a statement for the common areas of the house. I have seen a lot of pieces that interest me, but then I come home and crash on my comfy couch and worry that while  I might get somethign that LOOKS nice,  it  won’t welcome me home after a hard day’s work the way my current couch does. I was hellbent on leather too for a while, but he complained enough aboout how “hot” it gets ( huh?) and considering he’s gonna be investing in this too, I guess I need to be open to other options. Needless to say, as much as i want a new couch I’m REALLY on the fence about that particular piece. K also is partial to the chair and a half that we currently have. She feels its properly broken in and she can’t imagine another piece of furniture just feeling as “right” as this does. WHAT TO DO! I’ve contemplated just getting the upholstery cleaned really good and getting some nice throw pillows and calling it a day. Then I get stressed because as I haven’t started with any accessories or side furniture- how could I possibly know what color pillows to get? Or rug? ARRGGGH!  While I go back and forth over the sofa dilemna I know i DEFINITELY want a new dining room set. Or shall I say A dining room set. Right now what I have would be considered a dinette. Its a glass round table that seats 4. So much for entertaining. I’m partial to wood dining room sets and I’m really perturbed that Storehouse is out of business as I saw a set there a few years back that would be perfect here.  Once again, I am the victim of my own procrastination.

So thats my mission.

If I can get a nice dining room table, some nice wall art, a nice rug and a few accessories I should be all set. Oh yea, and maybe a bookshelf of some sort. Oops, forgot I’ll need a buffet as well. And maybe some lamps. ARRRGGGHHH. I really would like to get the place laid out the way I want before the holidays. I have two weeks to decide what I’m going to do. If anyone knows of any furniture stores with good quality furniture at reasonable prices, send links to a dining room table if you would. I am loathe to part with this living room set as much as I love the concept of starting fresh. I guess I can make everything else look so good that you’d hardly notice how …ahem, “gently used” the living room furniture is.


**the pic is something i was almost considering from Crate & Barrel.