The talk is that the Broadway remake of “A Raisin In the Sun” featuring Sean Combs is being revamped into a soon to be released movie. Not sure how I feel about that- I didn’t catch the play, though I heard that his reviews weren’t bad.Considering. Here are a few first looks at the new movie. ( According to the site, the movie will be a direct to tv release airing sometime in February on ABC).








..what do u think?

“Never once in my 54 years have I ever once heard a gay or lesbian person who’s politically active say one thing about anything that was not about them. They don’t care about minimum wage, they don’t care about any other group other than their own self because you know, some people say being gay and lesbian is a totally narcissistic thing and sometimes I wonder. I’ve never heard any of them say anything except for ‘Accept me ’cause I’m gay.’ It’s just, it’s screwed. It’s no different than the evangelicals, it’s the same mindset. They want you to accept Jesus and you guys want us to all believe it’s ok to be gay. And a lot of us, a lot of them, I do, I don’t give a damn who anybody has sex with, as long as they’re not underage and an animal. I don’t give a damn, it’s none of my damn business. I’m just sick of all the divisiveness, it’s not getting any of us anywhere.”

– Roseanne Barr

**saw this on Perez today and it made me scratch my head for a bit.

missing out

HOW  on earth could a self professed BLOG WHORE such as myself NOT know about Google Reader??? Why hasnt it been discussed among the 4 or so people that I know and dare I say call friends?? ALL of my favorite blogs accessed from one site?? I am SO behind the times!!

My employer will end up cursing the anonymous visitor who visited me via their google read page, inadvertently hipping me to this phenonmemon. I don’t know who you are, but I think I’m in love.

something borrowed

I’ve seen this on a couple other blogs and I thought it’d be cool to try it here. What I lack in originality I make up for with sheer enthusiasm. Enjoy.

12 things about me

12 movies that I Love

1) Gone with the Wind

2) Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

3) Galaxy Quest

4) Mars Attacks

5) Dreamgirls

6) Eve’s Bayou

7) Crooklyn

8) American Beauty

9)Prince of Egypt ( shut up)

10) Finding Nemo

11) Imitation of Life

12) The Notebook

 11 Bands/Artists That I Like

1) Jay Z

2) Nina Simone

3) John Mayer

4) Nancy Wilson

5) Robin Thicke

6) Nas

7) Talib Kweli

8) Pink

9) Lalah Hathaway

10) Hill St. Soul

11)  Earth Wind & Fire ( SHUT UP!)

10 Things About Me

1) My birthday is 7/21/74

2) I have a twelve year old daughter who is my  reson for living.

3) I don’t think I’ll ever be “ready” for marriage.

4) I wear a size 10 shoe.

5) I stay depressed from November to March every year.

6) If I ever get married, I wouldn’t mind so much being stepford wife-ish. (Again shut up)

7) I have been dieting for the past three years and I probably have been losing the same 10 pounds over and over again.

8) I want a dog but I’m way too lazy to take care of one.

9) I am supposed to be rich.

10) ..and famous

11)..but I’m too lazy to make either happen.

 9 Good friends I have

1) Monica

2) Zaneta

3) Cathy

4) Mona

5) Tiffany

6) Velda




8 Favorite Foods/Drinks

1) Doritos

2) McDonald’s Fries

4) Salmon

5) Diet Pepsi


7) Pasta

8) Dots

7 Things I Wear Daily

1) Contacts

2) Panties

3) Bra

4) Lipgloss

5) Eyeliner

6) Mascara

7) Shoes

6 Things I Hate

1) Cleaning up

2) Driving

3) Not being able to do what I want for a living

4) Ignorant people

5) Not making this diet thing stick


5 Things I Do Daily

1) Wash my azz

2) Read blogs

3) Watch television

4) Read

5) Pray

4 Shows I Watch

1) Lost

2) Heroes

3) King of Queens

4) Reno 911 (HAHAHAHHAHA)

2 Things I want

1) A House

2) My own successful business

1 Person I Want To See Right Now

I would say my mom, but since I’m the nervous type, I think seeing a ghost would NOOOT bode well for my sanity. So I’ll say, IF she were alive, I’d want to see my mom right now.