next steps…

So I’ve found an apartment. After calling the leasing office today to confirm my move date of NOVEMBER 5th (OMG) I started to get a bad case of nerves. Huge changes for me. I think what is concerning me is how I am, or at least seem to be, taking everything in stride. I’m waiting for the moment for everything to kick in- for the dreadful day when I’ll really process what has happened and what it means.

In the meantime…I’m thinking about the holidays and how different everything will be now. I decided that the only logical thing for me to do is to plan something huge and memorable, in celebration of my new life. What better way than Vegas for New Year’s?? I have two friends on board, and honestly- I think it will be just what the doctor ordered. The thought of it is enough to get me through the next few exciting difficult months.

We’ll see.


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