I have been trapped in the house for five days now.

I’m SO over it.

Grateful that I’m able to work from home. WHENEVER I’m able to get back to the office at least I’ll be caught up.

How nice that my boyfriend’s two week vacation falls on a week that I’m also snowed in the house.  🙂

For my very single friend whoeats every meal outside of her home and is now stranded in the condo with 2 bottles of wine, 1 pack of Winstons and a few cans of soup…YOU KNOW YOU WRONG!

Time for you to try some  hood rat sh*t and hit your neighbors up for some vittles.

I’m really happy my power hasn’t gone out. And I’m really happy that of all the problems we’ve had with these storms, for ONCE, Comcast isn’t one of them. Who’d have thunk it?

I’m too dependent on electronics. Maybe I can find a way to simplify on 2010.

I can’t believe Fancy F.east puts shrimp in their catfood. Would I, could I ever love a cat THAT much? I’m thinking..not so much.

My thermostat seems to be stuck on its barely warm status. UGH. I can’t take it.

Modern Family tonight. Finally, something to look forward to.



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