Today is one of those days that I wish I had worked from home.Work is insane to say the least. I keep saying I will take a day off soon but I know that probably won’ t happen. When you’ve been heel to pavement for longer than you can even recount- sitting still only allows you time to stew over sh*t that still needs to be done. Who’d have ever thought that I would forget how to be lazy? Surely, its the end times. Gone are the comforts of eight hour work days. I arrive at the office when its dark and I head for home when its darker and sometimes still have to log in when I get in the house. New contracts, low headcount and no overtime pay makes for a fairly high stress situation.  Its funny, I left my old job, a major corporation, with “the grass is always greener” mentality. Its surprising that many companies, regardless of size face the same exact issues with high turnover, efficiency, and morale.

When I hit the mega millions, I’m really going to miss this sh*t, for real.


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