off the top of my head

I miss blogging.

2009 was pretty much a crap year- I’m grateful to have gotten through it. Hopefully lessons learned will help me have a marvelous 2010.

I’m hopelessly addicted to FB.

Who cares who Tiger is sleeping with?

The OSIM igallop …i mean, why?

Going without meat, sugar and carbs for 21 days is much much easier than I thought.

Redefining friendships must mean I’m growing up- finally…right?

Looking forward to Italy in August with my soon to be 16 year old.

I hope this crockpot full of vegetarian chili turns out right. I’m starved.

I need to stop putting off this PMP exam. I’m utterly intimidated by the whole thing. Ironic thing is the longer I put it off, the higher my chances of not even passing. UGH. Wish I had my daugther’s brain right about now.

Work is INTERESTING right now. You figure out if thats a good thing or a bad thing. My mouth is shut on the matter.

I can’t believe its almost a whole year since my G’pop passed away. Feels like we’re still reeling from the initial shock of it.

I’m happy to be me.

My friends are the most supportive, loving, brutally honest people in the world. How did I get so lucky?

Does the fact that its harder to not cuss for a month than to eat the things I like speak on my character?LOL. So shameful. People are stupid though and they try me just too much…

Grateful for sharing Friday with Dina, Cathy and Fran. That was a POWERFUL experience not soon to be forgotten. THANK YOU.

“Life has no limitations, except the ones you make.”-Les Brown



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