to be young again

But seriously. I’m going to have to borrow someone’s elementary aged school kid for regular movie dates throughout 2009. I suffered the embarassment before when Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone came out. When I realized that there were tons of adults like me who were Harry obsessed, I got over my shame and just went alone for the remaining Harry Potter flicks. I really don’t think I’m going to have the same luck next year. The absolute BEST movies for 2009 are in fact kids movies. I mean animated films in all their Pixar glory type films. I.CANNOT.WAIT. A movie outing yesterday that went way left field resulted in me sitting for The Tale of Despereaux. I wish I could say that my mature taste in film made me desperately bored and agitated that I was immersed in a theatre full of squirmy kids and that I suffered impatiently until the end of said film until the moment I could regain my sophisticated consciousness and enjoy some stimulating adult conversation. Nah, bruh. I barely blinked during the PREVIEWS. They had me at “Please turn off cell phones and crying babies” ( or something like that). I gasped and giggled along with the little kids. I nudged the person next to me at the really scary parts. I whispered loudly when I figured I knew what was happening. I laughed. I got teary. And then the actual movie started. Sigh.  Loved it. Loved it. Loved it. K would never go see these movies with me. (Mother…no). We have had numerous  “if I have to watch one more movie where animals are given human mannerisms I’ll scream” conversations. I can’t even bribe her lil behind to go. So that leaves me sitting here, trying to find out when those wonderful movies will be featured next year. I need a game plan. I figure I can borrow my sister’s three kids, one at a time for the first three. Might have to pay for a couple cousins for others, but I’m not above it. If worse comes to worst, I’ll wait until a family that looks like me strolls into a theatre and follow behind them closely. I’ll clutch my popcorn tight and sit right next to the youngest kid. No seat in between. And I’ll possibly make friends with the parents so that hopefully maybe one day, they’ll consider letting me borrow their kid for the next premiere. Yea. Its that serious. Kids movies rule.


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