A new batch

Why on earth are these little girls standing out on the side of Leesburg PIke, jumping up and down in teeny shorts and tank tops talkin bout some “CAR WASH TODAY”. Aside from the fact that its not THAT nice out today, these girls can’t be more than 13 years old!! What kinda message is being sent? Sure they are little girls and its not like they’re naked but -god help- they are skimpily dressed and whether or not they aware ( those heffas know) they are using their not yet developed sexuality to get attention. I looked over at the line for the car wash. All the vehicles were filled with families or women. Not one car with just a single man in it. I guess they don’t know what to think or which way to look. Maybe they think the second they pull into the car wash, the Dateline guy will shove a mic into the drivers side window asking them sternly, “why did you come here”.

K, just in case you’re reading…if Mommy ever sees your lil azz on side the road jumping up and down for any reason at all, car wash be damned I will shut.it.down.  You KNOW how I do.

Parents, get your kids and don’t teach your little girls at such a young age that its okay to use their bodies to get what they want. There are already enough old hoes out here to contend with. We don’t need a new breed out here promising fresh bootie AND a clean car to boot. The men wouldn’t stand a chance.


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