the ringer

Please. God.

Even though I’m with the Obama ticket during this election and I have every confidence that should everyone get off their butts and vote- there is no reason he should not be the next president of the United State- God, just in case this election is business as usual and somehow someway the Republicans find their way back into the White House. Lord above, PLEASE do not let this woman be this dumb in real life. Please let her be faking to get us to let our guards down, and please let her end up being a force to be reckoned with during this debate. Please. I beg you. I want this more than I want to get these thighs down to a manageable size. I want this more than I want that trip to Greece I’ve been planning. I need her to be their secret weapon and I want us to be shocked and awed by her political astuteness. Because Lord. If she is really this dumb. IF this broad is really this clueless. And people still support her. And stupid people like that dumb Elizabeth keep defending that “she has been in charge of a brigade” so therefore is qualified- I will lose all faith in this country and I won’t know what to do with myself. It will be like some dumb alternative universe where everything wrong is suddenly right and I will have to relearn everything that I know today. Lord. You and I know how long it takes me to adapt to that kind of change and my plate is very full. I just cannot adjust to an alternative universe such as this as this point in my life so I beg that this turns around somehow. Because between you and me- She is actually dumber than GW and…..I mean how is it possible?  I was worried when she made the comments about her foreign policy experience being based upon the fact that they “keep an eye out ” for the Russians across the way and because Canada is their neighbor. ( No, did she really say that??).  I know. I know. As a democrat I should be happy that she’s making such a fool of herself and that this situation should make it a little easier for us to get in the White House- but Lord, as an American- well, its just not right. She KNOWS she’s wrong but I forgive her. I forgive her because I was raised to forgive and I forgive her because  I know in my heart of hearts that she is faking. She is taking us on a long ride and tonight-Tonight during the debates we will all know why she was chosen and we will all crnge a little at the formidable force that she has been revealed to be.


Because I can’t believe that ONE person would be allowed to be THIS stupid in real life. It goes against everything I believe in.

Please. Let her be smart.

Thank you in advance.



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