almost famous

I don’t know how celebrities deal with unwanted attention. I know I haven’t been prepped to deal with ignorant people chasing after webtrails searching for the least bit of info on me  with lofty hopes of using my own words against me.

Try again.

I stand behind anything I say and do- its called integriy, something that comes in short supply these days with a lot of people I come into contact with directly and indirectly on any given day. Its very true what they say that a persons words, in written form, can be interpreted in many different ways and it all depends on the state of mind of the person reading them. I can’t be held responsible for the intentions of others, nor can I be concerned too tough about them.  Life is proving to be very fair and very just for me and I am grateful for that. I’m about to embark on a new opportunity, which I have been devoting a lot of energy and time to, and I look forward to great things- despite the efforts of others to slow me down. There is a plan in the works folks, and  it will take more than a small minded person with internet access and a printer to stop it.

God does what he says, folks. If you believe nothing else in life, you can count on that.




One thought on “almost famous

  1. Hold up. What ignorant piece of nothing with too much time on their hands and who is OBVIOUSLY miserable is going around the net searching you out? That is the most desperately ridiculous thing I have ever heard. Just…ewwwwww! How very single-white-female-ish.

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