wonky, that poor baby, mr fix it

I feel sooo much better! I managed to make it to the Urgent Care Center five minutes before closing. This meant a less than five minute wait to see the good dr, who after a 15 second examination confirmed that my pinkish colored eye is in fact….pink eye and prescribed me a tiny bottle of drops. I decided to drop the prescription off at a CVS near the Urgent Care. It was very different from my neighborhood CVS. Two frazzled pharmcists were struggling…STRUGGLING with an extremely large line of sick disgruntled folks. I stood in the “drop off” line, and watched one pharmacist mentally give up the battle and just stand there staring until someone finally came from the back to help them out. The whole place was a lawsuit waiting to happen because under those conditions, I’d be surprised if ONE teeny mistake didn’t slip through. While the pharms struggled with taking in new prescriptions, an annoying alert system proclaiming that there was “one new drive through customer approacing” was about to send EVERYONE over the edge. While I waited as patiently in line as I could, the flourescent lighting sending millions of icy daggers through my infectious situation, two elderly ladies in the “pick up” line got distracted from their dissatisfaction with the wait by another Brit.ney cover. ” That poor baby..why don’t they just leave her alone…they KNOW she’s not right in the head….No, ma’am and its noone’s business is what it is….and they done took her little babies from her…they need to leave her alone…that poor thing…wouldn’t you know it I got two hearing aids last week and I forgot BOTH of them this morning…what did you say? that pooooor baby..” I almost fell through the floor when I realized they werent waiting for a prescription but were tryin to pay for a Wash.ington Post. When they grew tired of discussing Brit.ney, one of them scooted some fifty odd cents on the counter, half of it in pennies and grabbed her paper and they scooted off. Too funny. Even funnier the face of the cashier when he stared at a pile of rusty pennies on the counter wondering where in creation they came from. I was so mad and my eye hurt so bad I didn’t even tell him. I dropped my prescription off, went to the library to return books, grabbed a quick bunless burger for lunch, picked up my eye drops and came home. Before even taking my jacket off, I popped an Aleve, and put in the eye drops. I have to say I could feel the relief as soon as I put the medicine in. I feel SOOO MUCH BETTER. I couldn’t even tell you how much better I feel with the words of a million scribes, thats the extent of the relief I found in that teeny little bottle.

Anyhoo, right now I’m sitting on my couch in some comfy clothes with freshly washed hair, my wonky eye, and a cup of tea. My crazy week is going out on a peaceful note. Knock on wood. I have to say I was more than slightly amused to see the comment from C.omcast on my previous rant. I guess they have some alert set up where anytime someone types “C.omcast sucks” an automated response goes out. Humph. Where was Mr Fix it when I was having issue this week. If only he had picked up the phone and saved me from that darn flautist…..


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