lazy sunday

Today has been a GOOD day. I mean its been a good weekend but today has just been GOOD! Went to church with my family today= the sermon was just what I needed. I love those services that feel tailor made for me on that particular day. From the moment I walked in-it was all about me, all about my faith all about a particular situation that I’m going through. I can say that I left the service today feeling more hopeful and peaceful about the things that I’m facing right now. Afterwards, I spent some time with my grandparents. They have been married over 60 years, have had 18 children over 100 grandchildren and still act like newlyweds.  There is no other woman that I’ve ever met that I would ever want to pattern myself after.She is cherished, adored…she is truly loved and I’m glad that I have been blessed enough to be witness to it. I left “home” feeling renewed and refreshed. I’m so blessed in my life, man. Thats all I need to say about it.


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