new year’s resolve

new-year.jpgI have decided to do away with new year’s resolutions for good. Whats the point of them? I never stick to them. They always sound good when I vocalize them, but two weeks after the new year has begun, I find yourself still immersed in old habits. Fuq that. I’m over it. What  I WILL focus on is my resolve for the new year. How I will take steps to ensure that I see growth in the right areas; to make sure that I’m not repeating the same mistakes and not achieving any of the goals that I have set for myself. 2007 was one of those transition years for me- I couldn’t truly appreciate that until just yesterday. One of the major things that I’ve learned for 2007 is that you can’t achieve your goals without knowing your limitations. I never appreciated that before. At first it was just a matter of me creating these lofty goals, and not factoring in my own ..erra.. tendencies toward triflingness. So for 2008, I’m focusing on those tendencies that might prevent me from seeing my goals through to fruition. ( You know laziness, procrastination, being unorganized, unfocused..the list truly goes on).  I just feel good about the possibilities- the thought that new options, experiences and lessons are in store excites me.  The thought that I don’t have to be limited by other folks’ messiness, by other folks’ beliefs, by other folks’ choices excites me. Being blessed to sit here at the cusp of a new year excites me. Being grateful enough to know that though life is hard sometimes- my life is truly good and I have so much to be thankful for. In learning to be more gracious, I know that I do need to learn not to get sucked up into negativity as much as I have in the past. I allowed myself to wallow in it in 2007 and allowed myself to lose focus on the important things because of it. No more of that for me. So for anyone who visits with their own messy  negative agendas, there really won’t be much to go back and report. My apologies in advance. All that you will find here is more of ME than ever before. That way you can see who I am for yourself rather than basing your visits on what others have told you. That way you won’t waste your time by visiting me to find out someone else’s wherabouts. Messy. No messiness in 2008. Period.
I welcome the new year. I welcome the new possibilities. I welcome the blessings that God has in store for me as well as the lessons that He has designed for the new year. I welcome it all.
Happy New Year and good luck in strengthening your resolve in 2008!!

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