mess free

drama.jpgIn the spirit of promoting no mess for 2008, I have created a new category. I’ve found some people don’t agree with the things that I choose to share. That some things , namely my feelings and opinions on things as related to myself shouldn’t be shared. Runteldat contains those posts that are honest assessments of myself, my situation, my life at this point. Some might feel certain things are better left unsaid. As is the general consensus, I have a big mouth. But I will never write anything that will expose the life and choices of others. Thats why I don’t write EVERYTHING on this blog. I have chosen to share me- the people in my life haven’t made any such decision and I respect that. So, when I may be crossing the line, or feel I am exposing something very personal- Runteldat will help readers to access these posts much more quickly and with much greater ease. Call it my gift to you forf the new year.
No mess in 2008.
Peace and blessings.

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