Do me a favor.

If you see me online, in a personal ad soliciting men for chex…RUNTELDAT.

If you see pictures of me that show me doing things or showing things that are inappropriate…RUNTELDAT.

If you see me online disrespecting those close to me, or disrespecting myself….RUNTELDAT.

If you see me on the street walking with someone that I’m clearly not supposed to be with…RUNTELDAT.

If you hear me talking, and I’m saying something that opposes everything I allegedly stand for ….RUNTELDAT.

Please. I beg you to do that, because I pride myself on being the same person no matter who I’m around. I don’t pretend to be someone that I’m not, I don’t get on this blog and present myself as having something that I don’t. I have issues as we all do, but my life is pretty damn good. I’m sorry if yours isn’t. God blessed me with the ability to express myself creatively on paper. I’m sorry if your life doesn’t come with spellcheck. I am blessed and I am not ashamed to share that. For those that know me and come to this blog to share that, I welcome you. For those that THINK they know me, “trust and believe” while this blog is all me, it is not nearly all of me. Its not even a drop in the ocean of my life. No, its not much. But one thing that it is…is that its mine. Its all about ME. It has nothing to do with you, or whomever else you want to make it about. It is about me. It is mine. Period.

Hi. My name is dearlesley, and this is my blog.


5 thoughts on “Pssssst!

  1. I don’t even know what the situation is but I can pretty much guess that some childish, ignorant, stoopit azz with a fugged up life said something to someone you know in real life about you supposedly “frontin” online.

    That said…FUG WHOEVER IS TRYING TO BE MESSY! I know you in real life AND in online life and you’re exactly the dang same cept we can’t see whatever jazzy azz boots you’re wearing when it’s online but I KNOW you’re rocking some jazzy azz boots. You prolly get up at like five in the morning with a robe, flannel pj’s and jazzy azz boots. Other folks step out the shower into slippers. You? Yup…I’m betting jazzy azz boots.

    Folks prolly come over here and see how much you’re enjoying life and it reflects that their life ain’t ish cuz they are NOT growing and evolving into someone other than a miserable azz. Why even think about that person one second longer? I say cut their ignorant azzes off and if ever asked say this: MY LIFE IS SO GOOD RIGHT NOW THAT I’M NOT TRYING TO GIVE IT A CHANCE TO GET MURKY ASSOCIATING WITH NEGATIVITY. EVER.

    Oh…and my name is Monica Mingo. I’m not hard to find. If you fug with my people…you fuggin with me and when you fug with me…I meet ya azz half way and make you leave with a REASON to hate me. Yupper…I’m THAT BITCH. On da runytine…SA.DA.TAY.


  2. Please do not get caught in a dark alley waiting on Sissy to help you ambush somebody. Sissy is NOT ride or die. I REPEAT! Sissy is NOT ride or die.

    *DING* You are free to move about the country.

  3. Oh to hell with them. Sit back, chill and let them keep talking. What they say doesnt change anything about you so pay them no never mind. Keep doing ya thing and let them hate till their blue in the face. Because, guess what? That’s all they can do. Hate. How shitty must their lives be to take time out of theirs to talk about yours? Yea, they’re miserable. Let ’em marinate.

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