must see

nocountry.jpg No Country For Old Men

T had been waiting for this movie to be released long before I had even heard of it. We were able to catch it on opening weekend at the theatre in Shirlington. I had my doubts, although I am a big Tommy Lee Jones fan and I LOVE the Coen brothers. I just didn’t trust that I hadn’t heard anything about it. NOTHING AT ALL.

I won’t say how much I ended up LOVING the movie ( a lot) but I will say that its not for everyone. You will either love it or hate it. I don’t think there is much room for middle ground here. Its a long one, but the suspense keeps you involved for the duration. Basically, a hunter happens across a clearing in the desert where apparantly a drug deal has gone bad. Several dead bodies are strewn about the ground. The hunter ( Josh Brolin) finds amongst this carnage, $ 2 million in cash and  several kilos of heroin. He makes away with the $2 million dollars. The plot follows a  game of cat and mouse played between the hunter and the truly psychotic hitman(Javier Bardem) hired to retrieve the cash. Tommy Lee Jones plays a weathered sheriff trying to intervene and possibly save the life of the hunter, all while standing at a crossroads in his own personal life. All these characters are connected by their own obsession and ultimately are left to face their own destinies alone. It is very well written and the directors know that the story is good enough to stand on its own- though the movie is violent, its not gratuitous. Though the killer is psychotic, there is method to his madness. (I have to say he is the scariest bad guy I’ve seen in a long LONG time). Like I said, you’ll love it or hate it. If you see it, don’t come to me talking about – the movie sucked. It just might suck for you and I’m telling you up front.  For the rest, it is another Coen brothers classic and you won’t be disappointed. I personally can’t wait for the DVD release.

Oh yea, the ending is perfect! Don’t expect a big Hollywood finale where all the loose ends are tied into a nice little bow. In fact you might leave feeling that there is more of the story to be told.


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