i’ve been to the movies three times over the past two weeks. i feel like i’m playing catch up since prior to now, its been AGES since i’ve been to the movies. A brief recap of my selections.


I am a fan of horror films. I’m even a fan of the movies that try to market excessive gore as horror films ( the rest of the Saw franchise, Hostel, etc). This movie SUCKED. It wasn’t scary. It wasn’t gory. ( Seriously, even the autopsy scene at the beginning was boring. The only thing slightly amusing was the fact that the cameraman felt the need to pan in to the coroner’s table by way of jigsaw’s splayed legs so that we got a full view of his recently deceased old man body parts. I reallly hope they end the franchise now. It was embarassing how bad this movie was.


Do y’all know that at this point in my life I would pay about $20 to sit in a theatre and watch Denzel just walk across the screen for two hours? I mean literally. He could walk back and forth and not say word one and I’d go see it about 5 times. I.LOVE.THIS.MAN.  Seriously, have you seen him walk? Like my girl Creole would say, that stride is stank as hell. OMG. Hell, now I’m distracted and I can’t even remember the dang movie….oh yea. This movie was every bit as good as folks say it is. Every bit times two. Most two plus hour movies are very laborious and you are extremely conscious of how much time you’re spending just sitting on your azz watching the screen. I didn’t even realize how much time had passed when it was all said and done. Hell, I was sad to see it end. I am dead set against drugs and everyone involved in that whole little underworld, but I found myself rooting for Frank throughout the movie. Russell Crowe was awesome as usual. This brother here, who I personally think has one of the sexiest set of lips ever, is an INCREDIBLE actor and I’m really glad that he’s getting the exposure he is. The casting was great ( man, TI is tiny as HELL!!!) the story was compelling and I cannot wait to add this to my DVD collection.

and last night, I saw THIS:


OMG. First of all I loove vampire movies. I LOOOVE them. Typically, vampires in Hollywood are glamorized. They are all beautiful, slinking around being sexy, rich, and seemingly bored with their whole existence.  This movie, HERE? Nah. Ain’t ISH sexy about this movie but Josh Hartnett and even he was a little shaky in this one. How unsexy is it? the movie takes place in Alaska, in a small town where the sun doesn’t shine for 30 days straight. I was uncomfortable from jump seeing as how I just don’t do cold, don’t do snow and this movie was over my comfort level in both departments. Once the action got started though…I have to say, its one of the better recent vampire flicks I’ve seen. I really liked it. Josh Hartnett is really coming into his own. His intensity level reminds me of a young Tommy Lee Jones. I really like him and his film choices are always interesting. He did an awesome job in this one. If you’re ok with a LOT of gore, try to check this one out. Its definitely worth it.


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