the randomness of it all


* i was behind an elderly lady in Trader Joe’s yesterday.Chick behind the cash register was giving her dirty looks, as to say “o god not her”. before i even got a chance to be offended on behalf of this sweet little lady, I glanced in her cart. It was OVERFLOWING. She started talking to the cashier and said ” i only got 72 (seventy two) cans of tuna, I think you’re out. I’m going to need you to count them to make sure you charge me the correct amount because you didn’t last time. can you send someone back to see if you have anymore? and this can…see..its dented…i want this one free”. a HOT MESS.

* i’m SO EXCITED ABOUT THE HOLIDAYS!! its been a rough year for me and i’m looking forward to a little peace and a lot of love this holiday season. can’t wait to pick out my tree, can’t wait to decorate.. WHEEE!

*even though i complain ALL the time about my job, i finally got a little recognition last week in the form of an appreciation award. it came with a little cash bonus that i must say is RIGHT ON TIME. feeling appreciated makes it easier to get up every morning, i gotta tell you.

* i do believe in second chances. thats all i have to say about that.

*i LOVE LOVE LOVE my friends. I love my friends so much I even love their ignant imaginary friends. how bout that??


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