don’t drink the milk, its spoiled


“One might wonder if drinking milk is natural to human beings when we recognize that no other mammal on earth consumes the milk of another species or consumes it after a weaning period.”


I’ve been thinking alot lately about making the move to soy milk.I’m becoming wary of the dairy industry at large, mainly becauseI’m questioning the health benefits more than anything. A lot of the articles that I’ve been able to find on the subject show that countries that have the highest levels of dairy consumption also have the highest levels of osteoporosis and other diseases that increased calcium is supposed to prevent. Countries like China who consume far less dairy than us, have a fraction of such issues. Lots of folks (mostly vegetarians but they have a point) attribute alot of  our maladies to too much animal protein in our diet: we’re consuming large amounts of meat as well as large amounts of dairy and its too much strain on our bodies. In order to for our bodies to get rid of some of this excess protein, we also actually lose calcium and other precious nutrients. Very interesting and I’m going to have to investigate further.

It is interesting though that after a mother weans her baby off the breast, her milk “dries up” since the baby is able to gain its nutrients from other foods. Maybe it IS natures way of telling us that we don’t need milk.  Who knows. I tell myself that I will try to focus on getting calcium from leafy green veggies and other sources but then I remember how lazy I am and question my dedication to trying this. I want to definitely read more about this though. What I read so far has grossed me out a little, and considering how much I love milk and cheese, I can’t tell you how … well pissed off that makes me.

 Sure I know that most if not all of this comes from animal rights activists, some whom would rather hug a cow than say hello to a stranger in the street, but its intriguing nonetheless.


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