i’m not ready for this



A while back, when the HPV vaccine was introduced for young girls, I realized how old fashioned my views are on matters of the s.ex lives of our youth. It took many conversations for me to understand that, as the mother of a young now 13 year old girl, that I needed to put her health FIRST- before stressing over the conventional views I have on how our kids are raised. After seeing THIS article, I feel those old feelings coming up again. Yes, I realize that having a daughter who is old enough to have a period is also acknowledging that that same child is old enough to conceive a baby. Its just part of me is very sad that society has come to this. Because its not just the girls we have to worry about.  Grown men are videotaping themselves having s.ex with three year old girls. Every other day, the news is filled with stories of some pervert assaulting a child. I’d hate the idea of my daughter WILLINGLY having s.ex and making a baby- but who is ready to deal with their baby carrying a rapist’s demon spawn.  Honestly, I’m pretty sure that I would never consent to my middle school aged child being prescribed birth control. I do have faith in her, but is it naive in this day and age to rely on faith alone? When do you call in reinforcements to protect your child?


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