mini me?

report-card.jpg I am so proud of my daughter. I am so incredibly proud of her that I could just pop. Seriously.  When i look at her, I see the best parts of myself. when I look at her, I also see strength that I never had at that age, and at times struggle to find even now.

Simply put, my daughter is the bomb.

She brought her interim progress report home the other day. She got As in most of her classes( and we’re talking 95% and above): 2nd year spanish,honors language arts, honors algebra, honors reading, honors science, GYM( which is a miracle in itself), strings. One B in Honors social studies but not to worry, to date she has a 97 in that class. Since i’m accustomed to seeing grades like this from her, you’d think that I’d be over it by now. Not my dramatic azz….I got all teary and huggy, which any 12  soon to be 13 year old hates.

“Baby, mommy is SOOOOO proud of you.Don’t you feel proud of yourself”

“Proud of myself? what did i do?”
“What did you do? Look at these grades! You are amazing and you should be very proud of yourself”

She looked at me like i growing a horn out of my head and goes.

“Mommy, its nothing special. I just go and do my work and come home.”

Of course that made me even prouder and even MORE teary. Maybe when she’s a little older she’ll understand what i’m feeling. Perhaps she’ll understand how amazing she is for being 12 years old and expecting no less than excellence of herself. I really hope that she maintains this standard throughout her schooling and throughout life. Its exciting being able to see her develop into this incredible young lady. Hopefully, we’ll be able to keep her focused and on track. I can’t even imagine what greatness lies in store for her.

Knowing her though, I’m sure she has it all mapped out.

I wish I could say she got that confidence and dedication of purpose from me, but you all know me better than that by now. She could teach ME a thing or two in that department.


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