fuq oj


I received a forward today from a very level headed friend of mine concering OJ getting kicked out of a steakhouse in Kentucky recently. I know, who cares right?


I saw the article in the paper yesterday and kept it moving. Nothing that OJ does these days is worthy of attention from me. What generated a response from me though, were the comments that my friend added to the email:

 I saw this today and thought I would send it around. It is still interesting what a racial divide exists on this issue. I remember coming back to work when the verdict came down and the way that people carried on. It wasn’t because a man was acquitted for lack of evidence it was because a BLACK man was acquitted for lack of evidence. Particularly interesting are the comments posted on the message board. People on the board say it is not racism. They know they are lying to themselves. Whether he did or not is irrelevant. They were not able to prove it and still found a way to screw him out of his money. “

I mean, seriously.


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