Diego Coralles

so today has been  pretty much noneventful. except when “he” called me to tell me to check out espn.


 Diego Coralles was killed in a motorcyle accident on Sunday night in Vegas.


Did anyone see the Coralles Castillo fight back in 05? That had to be the best fight of our generation. I was incredibly caught up in the drama, and the intensity of that match. Coralles demonstrated such an incredible amount of heart and tenacity that I  found myself amazed by him the whole night. And now he’s gone because of a motorcyle accident. No Coralles wasn’t the GREATEST fighter of our time. He probably wouldn’t even make the top ten on most of our lists. But his courage and grit allowed him to take part in one of the greatest fights in history and for this at least he’ll be remembered.

They will rebroadcast this fight on Showtime on Friday.


2 thoughts on “Diego Coralles

  1. I was shocked too. It was weird because in anticipation of the Mayweather – De La Hoya fight, ESPN Classic showed a marathon of great fights last week. Hubby and I rewatched this one on Thursday night.

  2. I was crushed when I found out. Diego was one of MY favorite fighters becuz he had so much heart. And that voice? LOL…didn’t sound very tough at all, but his heart courage made up for it. He will be missed in this household.

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