No food for 8 days…

So I’m day 8 of this fast. I feel GREAT. My energy levels are throught the roof, and on top of that I’m not hungry. I defies all logic I tell you because I am soo in love with food. I’m starting to think I must be raiding the refrigerator in my sleep or something, because its just that hard for me to believe that I haven’t really been hungry yet. I’m lucky in that I’ve not lost too much weight. When I come off this, I am going to adopt a healthier way of eating and I’d rather the weight come off that way. I had lost a little weight a bit back and gained that back, so for the most part, all I’ve lost is the few pounds I gained before and some change.  Good times indeed.

So. For the past couple days, I’ve been trying to think about the changes that I’ll make in my diet beginning soon after this fast. There are so many different diets, and fads that honestly, I’ve needed this time to reprogram myself when it comes to what my body needs to fuel itself. (See, isn’t that cool that I’m thinking of food on those terms?I thought so too.) But having done so many diets before where I can’t eat meat, or where I can only eat a combination of three foods, or where I have to drink two shakes followed by a sensible meal, it saddens me to say that I had forgotten how to eat. I forgot whats good for me. I tell people that I’ve been on a diet for the past 5 years. When they see me, they find it hard to believe, but dieting for me has become just a way to not gain weight. I haven’t really been able to lose.

So I won’t diet. What’s funny, is that when I’ve been thinking of the changes that I’m going to make, the first thing that I’m considering is the health factor. I just want to eat healthy. I want to give my body the respect it deserves and be healthy. This is a first for me. In the past in order to lost 40lbs in 3 months, I was quite willing ( and eager) to eat bacon and cheese and steaks and eggs in order to make that happen. Achieving good health was not even a consideration. I got the weight off but was I healthy. Nah, bruh. I seriously doubt that.

So, in a couple days I’ll start this journey. I have proven to myself that I have the discipline to make the necessary changes. I’ll just have to see if I can maintain that same resolve to move toward a better me.

We shall see.


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