nothing new under the sun

i never asked my mother what she thought of tina back in the day. before they really knew of her abuse, and her story, i wonder what the women of her day thought of her. did they look at her with sideways glances? did they think she went too far?did they just see her as someone who used her body just as much as her voice to get ahead in the music game? did they hate on her? you know. the way some of us do when we watch Beyonce.

if Bey had Tina to look up to and try to emulate, what is the little girl who is looking up to Bey right this moment going to contribute to the music world. i worry about that a little. i worry about the day coming when some artist will come along, teaching us how to shake some body part we never thought could MOVE let alone shake, and make us think that Beyonce was tame in comparison.
isn’t that just a little scary?


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