Master Cleanser

i’m going to start this cleanser today. since i’m not “regular” i often have to rely on colonics and other methods to ….errum..eliminate. (Seriously, if I told you how often that happens, you’d be scared..shi…well you know where I’m going with that) Even when I eat clean, I still have problems in that area, so I’m convinced that I need to start from square one. I think I’ve done a lot of damage to my body and I want to sacrifice TEN days to begin repairing it.


To transition into a serious life change I’m going to practice some good ole fashioned discipline and clean my body. What I hope to achieve with this is evidence that my system is being cleansed, improvements to my skin, enough weight loss to inspire me to change my way of thinking when it comes to food, so that I’m not dieting any longer, but just making better choices innately. I’m going to also use this time to get my mind right. To get in touch with myself spiritually. I know this is highly unorthodox and that lots of folks are totally against this type of thing, but I know myself and my body needs this.

Send your positive thoughts my way. I’m sure gonna need them.

Take care.


7 thoughts on “Master Cleanser

  1. Good luck on your venture. I was thinking about doing this, but shoot I just don’t have the discipline right now with all the pressure I am under at this point and time.

  2. @ CreoleinDC:NO COMMENT
    @ Tsiporah: THANK YOU SO MUCH! When i decided to do this I was focusing on whether or not I could manage to drink the solution. Today the reality that I won’t be eating anything really sank in. I have no discipline at ALL so this should prove interesting. (If I can make to to Tuesday even I’d be surprised!):)

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