good girls don’t?


I get so confused talking to some women and their concepts of what is acceptable in a relationship. I mean I get  confused  like I start questioning MY ish, confused.


I get why people refrain from having..relations…prior to getting married. I was raised believing I should do the same thing. Based on what I believe to be right and true, I think that people SHOULD refrain from doing it.  So when I meet someone and it comes up that they don’t do certain things, if nothing else I am in awe of them and I have a great deal of respect for their strength and dedication.

Sometimes, though, I be getting confused.

Like when someone says they can’t have relations, but they do everything else BUT, and still think they’re on par with what God expects from them.

Like when Bill Clinton said he didn’t have intercourse with that woman, but what he DID was certainly bad enough.

Like, are there degrees of fornication?

No seriously?

And I know I would be considered a heathen by many so my questions are not to make light of this at all. I just WONDER about it. Is it acceptable from a religious standpoint to spend the night on a first date with someone, snuggling side by side in bed just because intercourse is not had? Is that REALLY ok?

Is it acceptable to “make out” with someone to the point where the actual ACT is the ONLY thing that hasn’t gone on…you know from a religous standpoint?

I guess my concern isn’t so much for their salvation as it is from the audacity of these same types of people to pass judgment on me for the choices that I make.

I know I’m wrong. I get that. But if its an issue of right and wrong, I don’t know where these people fit in. The people who have been provided with this list that the rest of us are not privvy to, which seems to provide a list of “acceptable” services and a list of “you’re going to hell tomorrow” services. I mean, if there IS such a list, how does one obtain it?

Where I come from, good girls don’t. Period.

From what I’m learning as I go through life, good girls are good girls regardless. They carry themselves with decency and respect and they are honest with themselves about themselves.  They certainly don’t play games with grown azz men, expecting them to behave like teenagers giving them JUST enough to keep them interested and then getting holy when its time to seal the deal. They realize that if they choose to wait, that there are SOME MEN who WILL wait and they carry themselves as though they are someone worth waiting FOR. COMPLETELY. NO DRY HUMPING INCLUDED.

They don’t chip away at the ho block, one act at a time, trying to convince the world that they have it all figured out and have found a way to beat the system.

Good girls don’t do that.

They don’t have to.

Just be you. Unapologetically.You.


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