..but is he fine though?!

I see myself as a cutie. I wouldn’t define myself as pretty. At times, I would include sexy in my description, but that totally depends on the day and my mood. There are so many ways to be an attractive woman. Very rarely do I just flat out see someone that I say is ugly. In fact, I am usually the annoying person who insists that “everyone is beautiful in their own way” even when that clearly isn’t the case. When I was younger though, it was much simpler than that. You were either pretty or ugly. If you were a guy you were either fine or ugly. That was it. As I got older and gained more experience in certain areas of my life, the way I look at people, namely men has changed drastically. Most of the men that I find attractive are not at all textbook “handsome” men. In fact, I usually don’t notice the pretty boys with the perfect features. Why? I find it a bit boring. Now, at the seasoned age of 32, the character of the man dictates how I see him. I once told a friend of mine that I found Kiefer Sutherland sexy. I know. I know. It wasn’t based on his looks at all though. Kiefer has one of the sexiest voices I’ve ever heard, and to me, that makes him sexy. Most folks know of my feelings toward a certain hip hop mogul who shall remain nameless. One friend ( she knows who she is) would insist that my infatuation stems from the depth of his pockets-implying that the type of money he has would make ANYONE sexy ( even camels). While I won’t lie and say the money isn’t part of the whole package with this person, I found him appealing long before he got THAT large. Why? He has swagger. He wouldn’t be seen as textbook handsome in anyone’s wildest imagination. The cool confidence with which he carries himself though…have mercy.He’s irresistable.(At least to me and that heffa of his). Its been implied that I stay in trouble because I always go for the “bad boy” types; the ones with the swagger, or the incredible sex appeal. I just think that with everything else being equal: the way the man treats you, his ability to take care of you and support you, his love for you and your family, and his ability to be respected and respectful in society…if all these factors were equal, I think every woman “in the know” would go for the guy who in addition to all those things, offered a little extra excitement. Or who knows. Maybe its just me.


5 : having a pleasing and usually impressive or dignified appearance
synonym see BEAUTIFUL



1 : sexually suggestive or stimulating : EROTIC
2 : generally attractive or interesting : APPEALING



: marked by elegance or showiness : POSH

1 a : an act or instance of swaggering b : arrogant or conceitedly self-assured behavior c : ostentatious display or bravado
2 : a self-confident outlook : COCKINESS


** once in a while you run into someone who embodies all of the above:


I don’t know. I have interesting taste to say the least. What about you? What makes a man FINE in your eyes? Are you into traditional definitions of what is attractive or would you say your taste is a bit more offbeat? I’d love to know that I’m not the only one.


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