i’m evil today

its snowing today. Not the beautiful blanket of white softness that coats the trees just so, brushes cooly against your face as it falls and crunches delicately under your feet. No nothing as tolerable as that. Its the snow thats really at heart just RAIN and is falling only to make a wet miserable mess and annoy the CRAP out of everyone in its path. Took me forever to get to work today and its not even sticking. BLECCH.

So I’m sure most of you have heard of the BIG GAME lottery. A bunch of us at work pooled our cash and bought a RACK of tickets. We won $170. We were TWO NUMBER SHY of winning the jackpot. AND ONE NUMBER SHY OF WINNING $250k.

The winning ticket: 16 22 29 39 42 and 20

Our ticket: 16 22 24 39 42 and  40.

Do you see? ARRGGH.

I’d rather have been completely off than to be so close just to win crap. We’re gonna take our “big winning” and just apply it to powerball drawing. Who even cares.

And look at this heffa. I’m sure someone was running behind with an airbrush, but still. She looks great and I’m officially hatin on her. Humph.



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