all in a day’s time

1) I need to replace the windshield on my truck. Luckily I was able to pass the safety/emissions inspection this morning. Of course I waited til the LAST DAY possible to get my inspection done. I think the guy felt sorry for me. The crack is not big but I need to get it fixed. Blech.

2) Some folks around the office actually did an office pool for the lottery. I know. The way they have it figured out, if we win, we can all get 8.9 million dollars. I really can’t fathom what 8.9 million anything means, so therefore I don’t believe it even exists. Its funny to listen to all the conversations that start with “girl, if I win I’m going to…”. Yea right. Snap out of that pipe dream and get back to work. If I feel that way why did I participate? In the off chance that we did win, the drama of it would be too delicious to pass up.

3) I am starting to house search again. This time I actually feel good. I’ve been in VA for about 4 years and I have not felt at home here. I want to go back to MD, namely Silver Spring. ( Have you been there lately? Its the ish, right?). I’m actually seeing some cute things in my range so I’m going to get it together and get serious. We’ll see how it all turns out.

4) Still doing ok on this low carb thing. GO FIGURE! Sssh. Don’t jinx me. I don’t want to mess up. Let’s change the subject to…

5) THIS. I have it on my get out get movin list for may. Trying to get a group together so we can shop and go out for dinner someplace nice. Will I go??


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