lazy sunday

Ok, I’m a loser. Little miss “I LOVE MOVIES” missed the Oscars. I missed the Oscars during the ONE year I was actually INTERESTED in the films. WHY? I allowed myself to get caught up into watching Scarface for the millionth time and lost track of time. What a loser!! Self edit: I didn’t miss the ENTIRE broadcast. After Scarface, I found myself falling in and out of sleep. I remember waking up to hear someone say that Beyonce and the Academy Award Winning Jennifer Hudson… would be singing. What was up with that “Listen” duet. I know Ms Beyonce was not happy at ALL about that. Then I fell asleep again, waking just in time to see Forrest give his acceptance speech. I changed the channel after that because I had already missed my favorite parts. The best part of the awards shows are not the acceptance speeches or the clothes. The best part is the split second it takes to open the envelope and the painted on smiles of the nominees as they wait for that suspended moment in time when they hear they name announced after that famous phrase “And the Oscar goes to…”. I really wanted to see Forrests ATOGT moment. And I REALLY wanted to see Jennifer’s. What can I say? I’m a sucker for the drama.



1) It SNOWED like crazy on Sunday. It was actually beautiful. I was gonna go out to the book store but when I got in my car and saw this, I turned my happy azz around and went back in the house.


2) Gone With the Wind came on uninterrupted. I know, but its my favorite movie.

3) Stuck to this no carb thing all weekend amazingly. One glass of red wine on Saturday though. Gotta watch the alcohol consumption.

4) Went shopping with K and V at Annapolis Mall. Too many cute clothes so little time to get this fat off. Humph.


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