what u gettin, mami


Excuse me for one moment while I attempt to scrape the remnants of my left contact from my eye. Seriously, it must have melted onto my cornea. Medical assistance might be required. Have you sat under one of these dryers at the Dominican shops? Its hot as hell in August, no joke. My goodness. It all started when I sat here this morning and realized that I could put my free time to good use and go get my purty on. The Dominican ladies always get my do straight, bouncy, and full o ‘body. Since the shop that I like is all the way in Silver Spring, I don’t get to go as often as I like. It just started feeling like the perfect day for a doobie. The thing about Dominican salons is that, although you come out looking just too cute, there is definitely a price to pay for beauty. If you manage to get out from under their Dominican torture devices alive, they then sit you in their chair and proceed to use the hair dryer on the highest heat imagineable to force your roots into silky luxurious compliance. Is it worth the pain? Three days later when my hair is still silky and bouncy and wonderful, I imagine I will say “YES, YES , and YES AGAIN”. Right now, with my scalp no doubt red and sore, I’m contemplating whether or not I will even go back ( I will) and telling myself that hair this soft is not worth the torture. ( It SO is)


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