forbidden treat..a parable

Another Shot of the Chocolate Fountain

i love “chocolate” like you wouldn’t believe. i obsess over it. Recently, I accepted that  have overindulged myself in my sweet obsession for far too long. The effects have been noticed by everyone around me. I made a promise to myself that I would not never again touch another piece of chocolate-when the time was right, I would retrain my sweet tooth in the direction of something more harmless and far less decadent. I was going strong for a week or so and I really convinced myself that I was over this fetish completely. I could even sit in the same room with a large inviting dish of chocolate without even being tempted. For once in my life, I was able to discern that the few moments of bliss experienced with every bite hardly seemed worth the aftermath. I was on my way, folks and I was quite proud.

Yesterday I realized that I had either a) fooled myself completely into thinking I’m stronger than I could ever be or 2) I need to come up with a new game plan. I gave in to my cravings for chocolate yesterday. I did not plan to, I did not even know that I would be around chocolate at all , but when faced with my temptation in an incredible moment of weakness,my sweet tooth proved stronger than my resolve.

I feel that I am starting over completely and I am quite disappointed to find that I’m so weak. Even more disappointed to find that in that one moment of weakness, my craving for this forbidden treat has increased tenfold.


3 thoughts on “forbidden treat..a parable

  1. Hum..hello..Is this b4 or after the sushi cause I thought you told me that was the last of your carbs. You’ve carefully neglected to mention chocolate! LOL!

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