sometimes, u just know

you know how sometimes, you wake up and you just KNOW its going to be a pretty awful day? I have really been trying to be positive, to exude positive vibes from the moment I open my eyes, and I even tried to do that yesterday. When the alarm went off at 6:45, I hit the button, sat up and said to myself “self, its going to be a pretty awesome day”. Somehow, by the time my foot hit the floor, my views on that had changed. I caught a glimpse of my head and I knew that I’d need all the extra time I could find to tame that beast. Added to that, I couldn’t get the right ‘fit together, burnt my eggs, and got halfway to work before realize that I had left my laptop at home. ARRRGGGH.  I turned around and went home, luckily there wasn’t much traffic as its a FEDERAL HOLIDAY and most people are OFF, but I digress. I turned around, went home picked up the computer and noticed for the first time that my truck is broken!! I have a small plastic screen that goes across the front of the hood. Apparantly, a large piece of ice that had been lodged on the racks on top of my truck had slid down, carrying half of the screeny thing with it. It just makes the whole truck look ugly. I didn’t have time to figure out how to take the rest of the thing off so I’m driving around with half the screen on…lets just move on. When I got to work, of course the doors to the building were locked. It would appear that on  holidays and weekends, you have to use your KASTLE key to get in. (Hmmm. If the property managers realize that I should be off today–WHY AM I HERE?!) By the time I dug my key out of my purse and gained entrance, I was pretty much done for the day. The rest of the day pretty much went along like that. I would say the best thing that happened aside from actually waking up alive, was that I got my vacation days approved for Thursday and Friday. Fun times.

Today has been a little better. But only by a hair. I’ll keep you posted.


2 thoughts on “sometimes, u just know

  1. Sorry you had a bad day! I hope that the rest of the week looks up for you. I was off Monday, but I squeezed enough work in so far that it feels like a full week.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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