give us free

605471_jamaican_beach_hammock.jpg the older that I get, the more I feel that I’m becoming a slave to the man. most of my waking hours are spent toiling over work related issues. when i look around at the material posessions that i have, it is only now that i see the true price of these treasured items. every dollar that i spend, i can almost tell you exactly what tasks were spent earning that specific dollar. its heartbreaking really. our way of life dictates that we spend most of our waking hours earning our right to be consumers, earning food on the table, and earning a roof over our heads. i am grateful that i am employed, don’t get me wrong. probably even more importantly, i am beyond grateful that i am employable. but on days like this, when i am counting down the hours before i return to the office, i just can’t help but wish that we could afford to balance our personal and professional lives better. personally, i don’t enjoy taking vacations. not because i don’t want to relax and be still and just learn how to appreciate the concept of “free time” all over again. i don’t like to take vacations because every day that i’m not working is two more days of catching up. any vacation over three days is hardly worth it because by the time i am caught up, i am stressed all over again. is there a better way? for many middle class americans, the sad bleak reality is that there isn’t. and as a i take a break from what is starting to look like a long, lonely saturday night staring at spreadsheets, i have to say, i’m none to happy about that.


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