feels like monday

Blecch. I’m having the most horrible morning ever and its not even 9:00 yet. I have some issues at work that kept me here late yesterday. As I was headed home, I got a call to discuss a still unresolved issue. After getting home and doing my usual:cooking dinner, showering, some light cleaning and a load of dishes and laundry, I just collapsed onto my bed. When my cell phone started ringing at 11:30, I thought I was dreaming. When I picked up and heard my boss’ voice at the other end of the line I thought I had lost my mind. I do remember just sitting there with the phone held to my ear….actually waking up again upon hearing her call my name a few times. I’m not sure what I told her, but I do remember talking. O well. I guess I’ll find out today what we talked about. So I woke up this morning, much earlier than usual and headed in. Though I’m about to start yet another diet, I needed caffeine in the worst way imagineable. Stopped at Starbucks. Why was it hot as hell in August? Even worse, why are people in here smiling and ish like they don’t NOTICE? I stepped up to the register and I was just overcome with the intolerable heat. I felt like I was suffocating and while I admit I do have a a tendency to lean toward the dramatic sometimes…in all seriousness…it was just damn ridiculous how hot it was. Me: ” Hi, can I have a tall white….OMGit-is-so-hot-i-can’t-even-stand-it-how-can-you-breathe-what-is-going-on-is-something-BROKEN-is-there-a-fire….” (see, told you…dramafied). The pretty Ethiopian girl behind the counter just smiled at me: “not its ok”. And i suck for this, but in my mind I’m thinking. “Yea,I’m sure YOU think so”. I took off my coat and completed my order. as luck would have it, they had a young guy behind the counter who looked as though he were like me, near DEATH in that furnace of a coffee shop. “OK, y’all not hot”. As the barista and cashier looked at each other in confusion, I put my hand on his arm and said “Sweetie, please, turn the heat down. Someone is going to pass out soon in here, and trust me when I tell you, you really don’t want it to be me.” When the Ethiopian saw him going toward the heat settings, she glared at me. I’m sure that as soon as I left, she had the heat turned back up soI’ll be sure to keep an eye on the new to see if there are any reports of asphyixiation out in Falls Church. And I’m not exaggerating, it really was THAT BAD. So I left Starbucks and headed in to work. They were playing this on the radio. Don’t you just hate Michael Jackson for losing his damn mind? What a waste.


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