on getting dooced

I’m sure all of us have had a day one of those days at work that pissed you off to the highest levels of…pissivity(RIP Robin). I am coming off a two week marathon of feeling that way. How I wish I could talk about it freely here, but ya girl is no damn fool. Have y’all seen the site of chick who would blog on a regla about the goings on at her office without even tryin to mask the ish? Anyhoo, long story short, her bosses caught wind, she got fired and a new term had been coined for the blogging community, ne the world at large. Whenever I am tempted I just remember, its not called the WWW for nothing. Humph. You’ll never catch me!! I had become addicted to another site over the past year. I fell off for a couple weeks just because I was getting so busy. When I came back, lo and behold the site was just gone- erased as though it never existed. I’m not sure how I found it, but I managed to find her email addy to see if she was at least still alive (honestly, ole girl was a bit shady). She responds back to inform me that she had in fact been dooced. Her employer found her site, and since she often casually mentioned her affinity for a well rolled doobie (oops can I say that here), subsequently freaked out and demanded that the site be taken down. I’m wondering if any of these folks have a legal standing on first amendment rights. Well, sure the marijuana doesn’t help and in fact opens its own legal can of worms, but if you omit that tiny little detail…. Is doocing basically the new censorship? Can a boss strongarm you into shutting down something they are not paying for that does not directly implicate their firm or trade secrets or something of that nature.Is it any of their business if it is not affecting your ability to perform on the job?
Seriously, I’m going to need some answers and confirmations before I say word one about my work related stress. Believe that.


2 thoughts on “on getting dooced

  1. So did your friend keep her job? If she got fired anyway, the lesson is that if your employer threatens you, you might as well go for broke and hurt and embarrass them as much as possible.

    The good news is, the possibilities for waging an anonymous defamation campaign against a former employer are virtually endless. What with anonymous blogs and sites (just check how easy it is to get the domain name http://www.employernamesucks.com), and other aspects of the writeable web like comment threads and message boards… the mind boggles! Write up a textfile of all the dirt you’ve got on the ethical problems, warped internal culture and mismanagement of your former employer, and mass email it anonymously to all their major suppliers and customers. Pass it along to the local alternative press, to advocacy groups concerned with that industry, to the radical labor blogosphere, etc., etc., etc.!

    And you don’t have to wait until you’re fired to do all this. If there’s no union where you work, and your employer seems totally unaccountable for what they’re doing to you with all the downsizings and speedups, the one bit of leverage you’ve got against them may be their public image. If you can make them look bad in the local community or among current and potential customers, you’ve got them by the short hairs.

    Back in the pre-Web days, the I.W.W. called this “open-mouth sabotage.” It is an employer’s worst nightmare.

  2. Hi Kevin! THanks for postin!
    Actually, the young lady who took her blog down actually kept her job. I’m assuming that removing her blog was one of the conditions of her NOT being fired. I found it completely strange in that she never mentioned the name of the company that she worked for. Your suggestions make it oh so tempting to just put on a mask and VENT to my heart’s content, but alas, I am a a punk and I would be TERRIFIED that I’d get found out.

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